Caroline Jay, known to friends and colleagues as CJay, has always had a love for music, dance, theatre and all things expressive and emotive.

She loves to explore and express new ideas and enjoys the childlike freedom you can experience through the expression of music and storytelling.

Living in the real world and socially mindful, with her feet firmly on the ground, she is fully active within local community and has a flare for public speaking.

A Bournemouth girl she is happy spending any spare time out on the water with her friends and her family.

Blissfully married for over 15 years to Philip McIntyre of “Phil McIntyre Entertainments

They love to explore unchartered waters and take a little time to begin to understand the natural wonders of the wildlife and the formidable tenacity of the local cultures that exist in remote parts of the planet. This thirst for life provides the energy and passion that they both continue to invest in both the community and the entertainment world.

Phil is a family man and CJay is delighted to have inherited wonderful step children over 18 years ago and is proud step nanny to Eli and Elowen.

With close family ties she also has two wonderful godchildren, Scott Gebbie, who is a master yogi and master wine maker and Jade Gebbie, who has taken after her uncle Phil, and followed a path to stand up comedy.

Life’s motto is “love light and peace”.

CJay will continue to be socially aware and active whilst providing entertainment through the arts.